Dr. Nicola Henneberg-Busse advises and supports you competently in all aspects of business development in the red biotech sector.

Dr. Nicola Henneberg-Busse


Dr. Nicola Henneberg-Busse works as an external business development advisers with focus on drug developing and molecular diagnostics companies since September 2015.


She studied biology at the University of Constance, Germany, and completed her Ph.D. at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. Since May 1995 she works for companies of the life science sector. In 1997 she started specializing in business development. She worked for pharma companies (Knoll AG, now part of Abbott), as well as well-known companies of the German biotech industry (MediGene AG: drug development, Epigenomics: molecular diagnostics).


Dr. Nicola Henneberg-Busse successfully completed deals with a volume of up to 69 million USD and was responsbile for the alliance management of the key product of one of her former employers. Her expertise covers patent licenses, research collaborations, development cooperations, supply agreements, and marketing and distribution agreements.

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